How Many Calories Does Coffee Have?

How Many Calories Does Coffee Have?

By Rock Me Coffee

One of the biggest questions that many people have had over the years is how many calories does coffee have?

The answer to this question depends on how many extras you add to your coffee.

Thankfully, if you put next to nothing in your coffee, the good news is that your coffee may have little to no calories.

These days everyone adds something to their coffee from creamer, sugar, non-dairy creamer, butter and a wide variety of other additives.

The list can go on and on….

Blended Coffees

Coffee lovers are typically people who have a wide variety of favorite coffees that they drink on a regular basis, included blended coffees.

Sadly, blended coffees are usually the culprits that have the most calories because of how they are made, especially pre-packaged blended coffees.


There are 680 calories in 1 serving of McDonald’s Frappe Caramel (Large). Calorie breakdown: 39% fat, 56% carbs, 6% protein.

Starbucks Says: Start with the Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino®, add hazelnut syrup, blend together and finish with whipped cream. A sip of cake flavor in every bite. Nutrition: 420 calories per grande, 140 calories from fat, 63 grams of sugar.

Most blended coffees can have up to 300 calories or more so if you enjoy having a blended coffee it’s best to remember moderation is key and you shouldn’t have more than one every few days because regular consumption of blended coffees can really add up those calories and inches to your waistline

Drink Coffee Responsibly

The golden rule for coffee drinkers is always to remember to drink coffee responsibly. This means that you should drink more water than coffee on a daily basis and be mindful of what you’re adding to your coffee because those extras will increase your calories.

Coffee has been a time-tested beverage for centuries and has proven to have many health benefits. If you drink it responsibly throughout your life you will be able to do as Spock once said: “live long and prosper”.


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