Does coffee cause cancer? No

Does coffee cause cancer? No

For the last 30 years we’ve seen many questions arise including if coffee causes cancer. The answer to this question (depending on who you ask) is no. Coffee does not cause cancer, this beverage has been consumed consistently for centuries and it offers a wide variety of health benefits if it’s consumed on a regular basis.

Coffee And Cancer

Let’s say that you drink coffee in a styrofoam cup on a regular basis, drink 12 cups of coffee per day, add a ton of sugar to your coffee or other energy shots to give your coffee a triple dose of caffeine. In some instances you could be putting toxins into your body, with the coffee, which could “contribute” to cancer.

How might coffee reduce the risk of cancer?

The exact mechanism behind how coffee may reduce the risk of cancer is unclear, and there are several different theories.

There’s some evidence that chemicals in coffee may be able to improve insulin sensitivity and prevent long-term (chronic) inflammation – both things thought to be involved in the development of cancer.

Other researchers have proposed that coffee could protect against DNA damageslow the growth of tumours or cause damaged cells to die before they develop into cancer.

But at the moment these are just theories – we’ll need more research to understand whether and how coffee could affect cancer growth and development.

Should you start drinking coffee?

So if you already drink coffee regularly, then the reassuring news is that you’re probably not increasing your risk of cancer (although, watch the calories if you’re worried: swap to reduced fat milk and ditch the sugar. And no, sweeteners don’t increase cancer risk, despite what you may have heard.)

And if you don’t drink coffee already? We wouldn’t suggest this news means you need to start. The evidence is still uncertain, and if subsequent research does reveal an effect, it’s probably small – much smaller than any positive benefits gained from the important things, like keeping a healthy weight or cutting down on the amount of alcohol you drink.

All that said, if research did uncover a mechanism by which coffee prevented cancer… well that would be exciting – because exploiting it could lead to a way to turn the world’s favourite morning pick-me-up, into something much more powerful.

Use Common Sense To Avoid Cancer

If you love drinking coffee it’s best to remember to use common sense on a daily basis and always drink plenty of water to keep your body flushed, take vitamins and eat plenty of vegetables. Why? Coffee is ultimately an acid and drinking lots of coffee every day without actually feeding your body or balancing it out with alkaline (vegetables) could ultimately lead to cancer.

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