Does Decaf Coffee Offer Any Benefits?

Does Decaf Coffee Offer Any Benefits?

By Rock Me Coffee

One of the oldest questions that coffee drinkers have been asking for years is if decaf coffee offers any benefits at all.

If you ask a passionate decaf coffee drinker they will tell you without any doubts that decaf does offer major benefits because you’re not pumping more caffeine into your body every time you drink it but what do the experts really say?

In this article we will wade into the controversy surrounding decaf and provide you with real information about if it offers you any health benefits or not.

Decaf vs. Regular Coffee

There’s no doubt that when you drink a cup of regular coffee you will automatically enjoy the benefits of the caffeine but what most people don’t know is that decaf coffee actually has some caffeine as well.

The average 16-ounce, caffeinated coffee has 188 milligrams of caffeine, while the average 16-ounce decaf has 9.4 milligrams, according to a 2006 study from the University of Florida. Researchers say you’d need to drink five to 10 cups of decaf in order to feel its effects. Huffington Post

In terms of health benefits, you’re getting the same antioxidants from decaf that you would get from drinking regular coffee, the big difference is that you’re getting a minimal dose of caffeine.

What Is Your Coffee Preference?

We can’t tell you if you should drink more regular coffee vs. decaf coffee. What we can tell you is that based on the data which can be found online, drinking regular coffee does offer more advantages than what you would gain from drinking decaf including the following:

  • Increased alertness
  • Improved mood
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Decreased chance of chronic disease
  • Makes burning fat easier

As with anything in life it’s best to use your head when drinking coffee and give yourself at least one hour in the morning after waking up before drinking coffee. You should also drink plenty of water during the day because coffee is an acid and it’s smart to keep your system “flushed” with water if you drink more than one cup of coffee per day.


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