Coava Coffee Roasters – Should You Visit This Portland Coffee Shop?

Coava Coffee Roasters – Should You Visit This Portland Coffee Shop?

By Rock Me Coffee

Portland Oregon has so many great coffee shops that it’s easy to visit one every day of the week but is Coava Coffee Roasters one of the coffee shops that you should visit?

In this article, we will review Coava Coffee Roasters so you will know if they are the right coffee shop for you to visit during your next coffee excursion in Portland.

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About Coava Coffee Roasters

Founded in 2008 by Matt Higgins, Coava means unroasted or “green” coffee.

Matt’s commitment to coffee is unpatrolled in Portland, he’s accomplished his goal of sourcing the best coffee beans from around the world that’s exciting for baristas to work with and wonderful for his customers to enjoy.

This coffee shop is one of the more popular places to buy a good cup of coffee in Portland and they can be found at multiple locations around town including:

1300 SE Grand Ave

2631 SE Hawthorne Blvd

1015 SE Main Street

1171 Jefferson Street

Coava Coffee Roasters also has a location in San Diego at 400 West Broadway so if you have to travel down to San Diego for business you can enjoy a little taste of home when you buy a cup of Coava Coffee.

How Do They Roast It?

Our roasting platform is built around consistency, proper development, and the highest quality equipment. Thought and attention are given to every step of our coffee roasting and production and our roasters are true masters of their craft. We source only the highest quality specialty coffees from farms and producers we have longstanding relationships with. And even though our green coffee is of the highest caliber, proper roasting is absolutely vital to unlocking the coffees full taste potential.

Learn More

To learn more about Coava Coffee Roasters visit their website at and bookmark this website for the latest coffee news or info that you can use to become a more knowledgeable coffee drinker.

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