Is Coffee Fattening?

Is Coffee Fattening?

By Rock Me Coffee

In today’s world just about everyone is concerned in one way or another about having too much fat in their diets and over the years many people have looked at coffee and asked themselves if coffee is fattening or not.


No, Coffee Is Not Fattening, But…

The truth about coffee is that it’s not fattening at all when you drink just black coffee.

An average six-ounce cup of black coffee contains about 5 calories and no carbohydrates so it’s literally one of the safest low-fat drinks on the market today for you to enjoy.

However, coffee can become very fattening when you start adding sugar, cream, sprinkles, syrups and all of the wide variety of other yummy add-ons that you may be fond of.

In fact, many fitness experts recommend that you drink a cup of pure black coffee about half an hour before your workout to optimize your results.

Unfortunately, many people do not drink pure black coffee. Instead, they opt for fancy variations that contain huge amounts of sugar and fat.

Specialty coffees offered by Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, Costa Coffee and the like are actually very high in empty calories that do nothing but jangle your nerves and cause you to gain weight.

As a matter of fact, many offerings from these sellers of specialty coffees rival super-sized meals from McDonald’s and other fast food joints in terms of calories and fat.

Here are some comparisons:​

  • A McDonald’s Big Mac contains just a little under 500 calories, and so does a Strawberry Frappuccino from Starbucks. The same is true of a whole – milk caramel flavored Frappe Latte from Caffe Nero.

  • A regular hamburger with fries from McDonald’s contains approximately 650 calories, and so does a Strawberry Cooler from Costas.

  • Two servings of Kentucky Fried Chicken contain almost 400 calories, as does a Mocha Frappe Latte from Caffe Nero.

  • A Vanilla Buttercream Cupcake from Starbucks contains 400 calories, and so does a whole – milk Mocha Frappuccino W/with whipped cream from Starbucks.

With Great Coffee Comes Great Responsibility 😊

As with anything in life, you can thoroughly enjoy one or more cups of your favorite coffee shop or cups of coffee every day.

When enjoying your coffee though, just make sure that you drink coffee responsibly by putting in as little creamers and add-ons into your coffee as possible because this will limit your calorie intake from the coffees that you’re drinking.

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