Coffee News – Dunkin Doughnuts Is Ending Their Polystyrene Foam To Go Cups

Coffee News – Dunkin Doughnuts Is Ending Their Polystyrene Foam To Go Cups

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At long last, Dunkin’ Donuts has made plans for phasing away its own polystyrene foam to-go cups for warm beverages, which in spite of remaining a defined component of the much-beloved gourmet coffee model have become a longstanding spot on the company’s historically meek sustainability efforts.

The organization plans to remove the cups starting this spring, with a specified completion schedule of 2020.

Polystyrene Foam Is Already Not Approved In Europe

What’s sad about this new is that Dunkin’ Donuts already provides paper cups in European countries along with other jurisdictions where the blatantly unhelpful polystyrene foam is not approved.

The company has continued using Polystyrene Foam cups in the United States long after this material has been proven to be harmful to the environment and human health as well. Thankfully, the company is FINALLY changing their policies.

Starting in the California and New York City marketplaces, including brand-new Dunkin’ concept retail outlets, the corporation will likely be swapping over to double-walled traditional paper cups with paperboard, authorized by the Eco-friendly Forestry Initiative Standard.

Dunkin Doughnuts – Embracing The Double Walled Paper Cup

“With high-temperature retention properties comparable to the company’s foam cup of coffee, the cutting-edge double-walled paper cup should keep coffee beverages very warm even while keeping hands and fingers comfortable, without requiring any a sleeve,” Dunkin’ Donuts indicated in a recent statement regarding their plan to switch to the new cups.

Regardless of the fact that the largest percentage of premium coffee merchants in the world have been able to practically never use foam cups, Dunkin’ has retained over and over in the last decade that the existing cup of coffee market made available very little inexpensive alternatives. The corporation actually went as far as to work out substitutes to resemble polystyrene foam for jurisdictions by which the material has been banned.

Thankfully, with this move, Dunkin will do their part to save the environment and make a dent in cutting back on the use of foam in the world. Hopefully more companies will follow suite since polystyrene foam has been proven to not break down in landfills and it’s also harmful to aquatic life as well.


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