Capitol Coffee Works

Capitol Coffee Works

Capitol Coffee Works

 “We strive to focus on the unique quality of each of the different coffees we feature. We source our coffee directly from environmentally and socially conscious coffee growers.”  — Seattle Coffee Works


Capitol CoffeeAs a longtime fan of Seattle Coffee Works, I was excited to see that they opened up a location in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. When I first walked in I was digging the aesthetic of the place: clean, minimal, and with a hint of midcentury modern – this place is a millennial’s dream. I ordered my usual 12oz soy latte and took a seat. My first impression is that the coffee is still some of the best around. What I admire the most about their lattes is that the espresso is rich and the milk doesn’t over power the drink. The downside of this place is the seating is not very comfortable (I was sitting on a wooden bench) and it is more expensive than the average latte. After doing some research, I found out the reasoning behind this is that none of the Seattle Coffee Works locations accept tips because they pay their employees a “livable wage”  — hence why the coffee is a bit more expensive. That being said, I still had a hard time justifying $6 for a latte. 

 Capitol Coffee

My overall feeling about Capitol Coffee Works is that is does offer some of the best tasting coffee in Seattle and the price reflects that. This shop wouldn’t be the best place to spend your entire afternoon getting lost in your work due to the lack of comfortable seating, but instead it is the perfect place treat yourself to a coffee tasting at their slow bar and snap some excellent Instagram photos while you are at it. 

 Also, if you love the coffee — Seattle Coffee Works sells their own beans at all their locations. 

Jessi Marlow – Rock Me Coffee Contributor

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