Coffee Shop Spotlight – ToV Coffee & Tea

Coffee Shop Spotlight – ToV Coffee & Tea

Tov Coffee
Image Credit – Yelp

Located in a converted double decker bus in Portland at SE 32nd & Hawthorne Boulevard is ToV Coffee.

This location is without a doubt one of the most unique locations for a coffee shop in Portland Oregon.

Since it’s pretty hard to find a double decker bus this side of Abbey Rise Street in London, it’s likely that ToV will continue to be Portland’s only double decker coffee bus for some time.

About ToV Coffee

Serving wonderful Egyptian coffee, tea and other traditional favorites that coffee lovers enjoy, ToV Coffee is open seven days a week from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Other than their location, what’s great about ToV Coffee is their level of customer service. Here you get treated like someone special and it’s not hard to stay a while and enjoy your coffee since the bus is also decorated like a traditional Egyptian coffee shop and you want to take in the uniqueness of it all.

Open All Year Long

Although they could be described as a coffee “cart”, ToV coffee is much more than that because they are a full fledged coffee shop that’s been converted into a bus.

ToV coffee is open all year long, even on rainy days, but on those wonderful sunny days in Portland you should come for a delicious cup of Turkish coffee because, their top deck will be open for you to enjoy while you enjoy your coffee while you maybe play a game of chess or backgammon.

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