Can Coffee Make You Feel Tired?

Can Coffee Make You Feel Tired?

One of the biggest questions that coffee drinkers around the world have is if coffee is making them tired after they are drinking it.

The answer to this question is yes, coffee can make you tired because it blocks your brains adenosine receptors but when the caffeine wears off the adenosine that your body has been producing will have built up and the result is often a tired or fatigued feeling.

Adenosine is a chemical in your brain and body that belongs to a class of substances called neurotransmitters. These substances support basic nervous system communication by carrying “messages” across the gaps between individual nerve cells. Adenosine transmission appears to regulate some of the most basic functions of your brain’s sleep cycle, and differences in adenosine levels between individuals seem to play a role in relative quality of sleep.

Sugar Can Cause You To Crash Too

Are you a fan of having blended coffee drinks from Starbucks or your favorite coffee shop of choice? If so, the sad truth about blended coffee is that the sugar in those drinks can also make you experience a crash as well because sugar will give you an almost immediate boost of energy but when it leaves your system you’re going to crash faster than you would after just drinking black coffee.

What’s The Solution To The Problem?

As with anything in life that you may enjoy the solution to avoiding an energy crash after drinking coffee is to make sure that you do things like drink more water than coffee, get at least 6-8 hours of sleep per night, eat plenty of fruits/vegetables and get exercise during the day.

You can still drink coffee during the day but focusing more on healthy living rather stimulates like coffee to keep you awake during the day will help your body to stay energized for longer periods during the day and you will be able to build a better quality of life overall.



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