Why Is My Coffee Cloudy?

Why Is My Coffee Cloudy?

So, you just made a cup or pot of coffee and are eagerly anticipating that first drink of coffee when you look in your cup and realize that it’s cloudy.

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What Causes Cloudy Coffee?

Quite simply, one of the reasons why your coffee is cloudy could have to do with the water that you’re using to make your coffee.

If your water is straight from the tap or has a lot of minerals in it, this could be one of the reasons why you are drinking cloudy coffee.

Tip – Instead of using tap water, you should be using filtered water because this will ensure that your coffee is free of the minerals and “junk” that can come from the tap.

What makes an even better cup of coffee is fresh, cold filtered water. To make this happen you should buy a water filter that you can screw onto your faucet so you can enjoy filtered water every time you use your tap.

Besides the quality of your water, another great reason why your coffee came out cloudy is that your coffee maker is dirty or has left over residue in it from another drink that you previously made.

I recently cleaned my Keurig coffee maker with white vinegar but forgot to rinse all of the vinegar from my machine. Needless to say, my coffee came out cloudy and it tasted like vinegar. Yucky! ☹

Don’t forget to clean your coffee maker at least once a month because this will ensure that it continues functioning properly and it will always be available when you need a cup of coffee.

Tips for French Press Users

Are you using a French Press to make your coffee? If your coffee is coming out cloudy it could be that you’re not using coarse ground coffee. This makes all the difference in the world because it’s very easy for coffee grounds to slip past a filter and make coffee cloudy.

That’s it for today’s article! If you have any tips for our readers on how they can avoid drinking cloudy coffee please leave us a comment!

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